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09:35pm 01/10/2003
  40 below summer
The Mourning After hits stores OCTOBER 28TH. they are currently now on tour with

You can listen to their first single "SELF MEDICATE" here:

funeral for a friend

their tracklisting is:
1. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversation
2. Red Is The New Black
3. The Art Of American Football
4. Getaway Plan
5. This Years Most Open Heartbreak
6. Kiss & Make Up
7. Escape Artists Never Die

you can listen to the album here:

Their first full length cd Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation hits the UK
october 13 and the USA 2004.

SEASONS is their new album which hits stores OCTOBER 7th. they just finished
doing a bunch of acoustic set shows. now are hitting the road with STAIND AND LoPro.

you can listen to four tracks and watch their video "ENEMY" here:

story of the year
Page Avenue has already hit stores. right now they are doing alot of touring.
lots of radio shows, but mostly after that touring with SUGARCULT. pluss they have a
NEW video that they've redone for their single "UNTIL THE DAY I DIE" up on their media player.

PAGE AVENUE MEDIA PLAYER: [tour dates/cd tracks/videos]

enter here to win a story of the year tshirt:

billy talent
The band has a bunch of new tour dates up for this month. you can check that out
and their music video for "try honestly" pluss listen to their whole cd here:

kill hannah
They are on the road right now. just added to MTVs ADVANCE WARNING cd for this year.
you can listen to their entire cd here, pluss find out new tour dates:

our coming back with a new cd that hits stores NOVEMBER 4TH the cd is called payable on death
[yes what POD stands for]. if you'd like to help the band out by promoting their new cd and winning
free [nice may i add] stuff in return, go here to sign up:

poison the well
YOU COME BEFORE YOU has already hit stores. great cd. the band are touring on the TAKE ACTION tour right now
with lots of other great bands. After that they have a few AFI tour dates and then the best they will
be hitting the road with the DEFTONES.

You can hear all 12 full length songs on their new album YOU COME BEFORE YOU, here:

[dont forget to check those tour dates out]

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12:51am 31/08/2003
  comment if you'd like the first Mushroomhead greeting card for their new CD.

[comment with email addy please]

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12:02pm 21/04/2003
mood: amused
I'd have to recommend rathergood.com
They have an awesome video which uses Electric six's GayBar as the background music. Go check out those punk kittens rock.
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08:54pm 10/04/2003
mood: indifferent
I realized I never wrote an entry in here.. then noticed there was only one entry anyways. :-x

So, I'm writing in here. :P
My name is Lindsey. I'm 17 from Texas.
uhh yeah that's all you get.
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I didn't like you anyways 
06:27pm 04/09/2002
mood: aggravated
Oh yes, you all will enojoy being in my splendid community. And willl EARN the title of hard core scab lickers. Unless you are already one, in which case I would prefer you leave. Because thats just weird.

This started out as a community for some of my favorite girl punk bands. But then I was like, hey. Why not. And added just all of my general interests. Hopefully you'll share one or to. Yuns can feel free to scan pictures of slick new buttons, gigposters. You nasty fucks. Just FUCKING POST every once in awhile.

Its a free for all! The looting after a riot.
And if you don't know me, I'm Erica. The head honcho.

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